About us

in short

As technologies are growing everywhere around us they tend to be more and more connected, and so more and more complex. Providing tools to help people understand and interact safely with their digital world is our main mission.

These targets form part of the Free Knowledge movement and so our main projects are published as Free Open Source Software via the AGPLv3 licence. If you want to use our work in a non-AGPLv3 project consider using our Free2Biz licence.

Our first contribution to this huge goal is the Ariane project which provides a framework to map all the pieces of your digital world. This project is managed through our collaborative ecosystem and the final goal, to build a complete map of our digital world, isn't possible without community help...

As a start-up we're trying to promote agile methodologies and holacracy. Finally we are a passionate company where Work is our primary value, Creativity our mindset and Free Knowledge our ambition.

Echinopsii Manifesto

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Laurent Bernaille

echinopsii's observation tower
Ariane automation and cloud ninja.

Mathilde Ffrench

echinopsii's main thread
Ariane nutshell creator.

Romain Scheibert

echinopsii's visual designer
Ariane pixel maker

Stan Renia

contributions on delivery pipeline